2017 – What a crazy year. 

 I mean in general. I could write about all of the crazy political and natural disaster stuff that has happened this year, but i won’t.

One of the top things on my “To Do” list is to blog more. After this week is over I will get right on top of that. If there is time… haha. I am putting this here as a bit of a summary. For those who are subscribed to the blog as a means of staying in touch, i’m sorry. I will try to do better. For the rest, you should follow me on twitter.

I am not even sure where to start this. So many things happened in 2017 and it has been a very busy year for my photography hobby. In November of last year I started a facebook page. I assumed I was too late to do that. I was wrong, and the start of 2017 had me working on that.

I partnered with Wusthof, a German maker of the worlds best knives, to do the 72 oz steak challenge. I have a few stories about that piece of meat to share.

I did that while Kyle and I were in Tornado Alley. We did a 20 day trip this year. 2017 will be remembered by stormchasers and photographers as a year that was horrible in the Great Plains. In spite of that, we had an amazing year down there.

We chased along the Mexican border in an area of the U.S.A that is controlled by the Mexican Drug Cartels. We didn’t find out until the next day, but at the time I knew something was wrong.

Kyle and I did our first hook slice, (driving through a rotational area with hail in it to get a view of the tornado we knew was on the other side) – Kyle “dude, where is this tornado” Ryan “points to the sky through the front windsheild”

The food… oh the food. This carried on past tornado alley, and was a theme of the year. It might take more than 1 blog to do this topic justice.

Make it back home from Tornado Alley and finally get my bucket list shot, a storm shot, right in the small town I live in. It is the least I have driven for any photo, it is my favorite photo, and others seem to like it.

Take 5 weeks off of work for Canadian storm season, and when it looks like the Canadian Storm season might be a slow one? Ask your mother if she wants to do a bucket list trip to Eastern Canada on Canada’s 150th year, in a pick up truck. Realize later it is moms’ 65th year. Realize even later, it is my 40th year. Did I mention the food?

Map plan a trip months in advance to see the Total Solar Eclipse, do no other planning for clouds or smoke, do the trip in 2 days with your 65 year old mother, and see the northern lights on the way back home.

Finish off the Cross Canada tour to the West Coast on a year that should have been a very bad one to do so because of fires, but have the weather co-operate and clear out all of the smoke that has been around for months. I could not have planned it better, and i didn’t plan it at all.

Get contacted by one of your all time favorite bands asking if they can use some of your photos in their upcoming anniversary show. (pro tip, always say yes)

Enter a few pics in big contests expecting to never see them again. See them a lot.

There will never be another year like 2017. 35,000 km driven (I drove every one of them, in my vehicles) in 130 days. Tornadoes, high tides, low tides, total eclipses, religious experiences, supercells, epic sunsets, earthquakes felt from beds, history I was not aware of, gang members, cartels, sleeping in the truck, viral posts, accidentally ordering pig intestine taco’s, roadkill, radio interviews…

Did I mention the food?

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