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I met Kyle Brittain, The Calgary Weather Guy at Fort MacLeod.  We both arrived at 12:00 pm within a minute of each other.  I had fueled up on Crisp Beef Burrito’s at Taco Time in Lethbridge, he was getting a Subway sandwich.

I was using my Black Silverado, aka “Hail Magnet” as my storm truck is in the shop getting a new transfer case and transmission installed.

We had decided the area would be good place to start, and travelled SW to sit and wait for storms. We did not have to wait long.  A storm fired up near Granum.  We convoyed with Tom and Dawn Graham to get a closer look, and watched it drop a funnel.

We decided to leave that storm and go back to our original target.  Storms fired up in a big way.  2:48, July 15, 9kms south of Brocket, looking towards Pincher Creek. When we first stopped I was sure I was going to live stream a tornado dropping shortly. I snapped some shots before we re-positioned.

 Brocket Alberta Thunderstorm

The storm was tornado warned.  The RFD cut can still be seen in both photos.  I was too busy with Periscope (first time using it) that I forgot to take camera pictures when we first stopped.

Brocket Alberta Thunderstorm


3:56, 5 kms SW of Stowe Alberta along Highway #3 looking North. I really thought we were going to watch a tornado drop from this storm.  When we first stopped, the wall cloud on the left seemed to be the dominant feature.  That quickly changed as the storm cycled and we were treated to a lot of motion and churning and a beautiful storm.

 Stowe Alberta Tornado warned Thunderstorm

5:04 pm, July 15, between Granum and Nobleford looking West.  We took a drive up here to see what the tornado warning was all about.  The storm did not appear to have access to good air. Kyle suggested we stop for a quick picture, I’m glad he did.

Granum Nobleford Alberta Tornado warned storm

5:45 pm, July 15, 3 kms NW of Coalhurst, facing SW.  We stopped to take a picture of this shelf while we let the hail core by Coalhurst move East. We also had hail to our West.

Coalhurst Lethbridge Alberta Hail Storm

5:47 pm, July 15, 3 kms NW of Coalhurst, facing SE.  We stopped to take a picture of this shelf while we let the hail core by Coalhurst move East.  There was a hawk in that tree when we pulled up who did not like me, Darren thought he was going to get front row seats to it attacking me.  I’m sure he had his camera all ready to go.

Coalhurst Lethbridge Alberta Hail Storm

On the way back home I got to watch a great lightning show.  I had 3 hail cores visible on radar, and with my eyes.  I wasn’t sure if i would be able to “thread the needle” but I came out the other side at Seven Persons without seeing any actual hail.  The crops are great this year, I hope the hail spared most of them.


For as it happens updates from under the storm 

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