I am designing a new storm truck for 2018, that I am hoping to debut in October 2017.  I am going to make it hail proof.  I am planning on doing the full body in box liner and the side and back windows in a anti theft film (like a thick tint) that helps resist breakage and prevents flying shards of glass. 

But I have an idea for a retractable hail guard for the windshield.  I am looking for ideas to expand or refine my ideas, or better ideas, and eventually looking for someone who can do the welding, building, wiring… if you know of someone who is a wiz at projects like this, feel free to let me know. 

This is my current system on my storm truck, it needs to be manually deployed, and is less than ideal – but the most commonly used system

Laid back for driving

Another chaser vehicle, very similar idea.

My thought is to use a 12 volt screw ram system, where I could extend and retract the hail guard on rollers with the touch of a button installed on the dash.  To my knowledge this has never been done before.

12 Volt Rams





Some heavy duty roller systems I’ve found online







This is the vehicle I am looking at, a 2010 Hummer H3 – The windshield is quite vertical, so a 24” distance of travel is likely enough. 

It has no roof rack at the moment, I am not sure if I’d be better off having one fabricated from scratch, or starting with one commercially available as seen below


I’d like to hear your thoughts, Thanks. 


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