Montana storm chasing with photographer / stormchaser Ryan Wunsch from Saskatchewan

Kyle and I decided to make the drive to Montana to watch storms, my mother accepted the invite to join us.Chasing storms in the mountains was a new experience for me. The road network is not the best for chasing, but man that scenery is something else!

Our first storm of the day. In Saskatchewan we’d call this a “ground scraper”.

3_MG_9367 fir wb

Same storm, gettting ready to head into no man’s land. The majority of other chasers kept up with this one hoping to see it produce a tornado. We saw the river would provide a dead end, so let this one go.

_MG_9381 for web

I had noticed that when storms hit the mountains by Stanford, they blew up, so we went to watch some and hope they did the same. I was taking shots of this hoping for some lightning (which i finally caught, if you look close enough) while another storm was growing and morphing just to the left of this shot.

9464 for web

I sure am glad we stayed. This is that other storm, and this is what it turned into. I wish I’d have been timelapsing it. There are mountains under it. This storm came right at us and just kept getting better and better. We “Blasted North” to avoid any hail once it was on top of us

Montana supercell

Montana supercell

For as it happens updates from under the storm 

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