My favorite 12 photos of 2016 part 1 (and the stories that go with them)

I decided to post my favorite 12 photos from 2016 on facebook and twitter leading up to Christmas and to post the stories that go with them.  These are the first 4, #12, #11, #10 and #9.

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#12  “Wagon Yard”  Old Wagon at abandoned farm yard saskatchewan

I took this shot in Saskatchewan back in April, just 5 minutes before another photo that is also on my favorite list. Some nasty cold, windy and wet weather was pushing in from the West, the skies had a very somber grey look and the sun was just peeking through a thin layer of cloud cover. The grass was turning green, and this scene was perfect.

I commented at the time that it almost seemed like a photographer put this old cart here, it was easy composition to see and a very easy shot to take.


 #11 “Deserted”

Great Sandhills in Saskatchewan Canada

We had an early spring this year.  In March I drove to the Great Sandhills of Saskatchewan to take some sunset photos.

The sunset was not as nice as I hoped it would be but I managed to get this shot with the last of the days light catching the snad in front of my camera.

It also gave me an opportunity to take another picture with a bull skull in it, which was a bit of a theme of mine in the first half of 2016.

I live 36 km (22 miles) from the Great Sandhills and don’t spend enough time out there with my camera. I plan to spend more time there in 2017.



#10 “Cameron Falls”

Cameron Falls at Waterton Lakes National park alberta

Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta – and amazing place for photography.  I remember my mother talking about how much she enjoyed the area when she camped there in the 1970’s.  This year I chased storms very close to the park 4 different times and realized that if I was that close for a 1 day storm chase trip that I should probably make the drive to visit the park itself some day.

I’ve always wanted to photograph waterfalls. Being a Saskatchewan based photographer doesn’t exactly give me a lot of opportunities to do that. This is a very accessible spot and I’ve seen many photographs of it, but I still enjoyed taking my own and coming up with a composition that wasn’t quite the standard tourist shot I had seen so much of.

#9  “There is the Sun”

Abandoned house at sunrise in saskatchewan

I work in the far North in an underground mine – 1 week at a time, with 1 week at home.  It had been many weeks since I had seen the sun and it was getting a bit depressing.  When I was on surface at work it was dark, when i was at home it was cloudy.  All of my photographs were looking pretty gloomy.

A friend texted me one morning to say it looked like we might actually see the sun. It was very cold, I didn’t take the time to get properly dressed (more on that when I post the first photo from this day which is #2 on my list) and headed for the door with my camera.

It seems like the more I suffer in the cold with my camera, the better the pictures turn out. I have taken many photos over the years of this old place I call “The Doll House” (because of the open view corner rooms) but I wasn’t very happy with any of them until I took this one.

This old house is one of a very small number of old homesteads I know of in Saskatchewan built with cinder blocks. It has looked like it will fall over at any moment for many years. There was a time when I would go check on it after a thunderstorm to see if it had survived the winds. I have quit doing that and now just assume it will be there the next time I check up on it. It will be a sad day when it isn’t.





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