The Mystery Rocks  of Saskatchewan near the Cypress Hills – a strange place

Very little is known about these rocks.  Located on private land, permission is required to access them.

Mystery Rocks Cypress

This story starts out long ago.  The Native Americans who lived in the area back in the day would not set up camp anywhere near them.  Teepee rings can be found all over the land, but not by the rocks.  Some people believe these are one of a few magical vortex power spots on the earth, others located across the globe like Stonehenge.  Acedemics and visitors have debated the origin of these rocks for years.

Mystery Rocks Cypress Hills

I first learned about them in Boyscouts.  Wilderness Rendezvous, a survival camp in the West Block of Cypress Hills was how I spent 9 days of my summer each year. The year our group was old enough to hike to this general area, we were warned by our scoutmaster Jeff  “Don’t go to the Mystery Rocks”.

Like a scene out of “Stand By Me” – we took the detour, and found the mystery rocks.  No permission granted.

We could not believe what we were seeing.  Or feeling.  Something did not feel right.  It felt odd. One of the kids said “I don’t like this, I’m heading back to the trail” That is where my memory of the mystery rocks ends.  We never went back there ever again.

Mystery Rocks Cypress Hills

For the last 3 years I have been on a bit of a quest to find them again.  I contacted an old friend who worked for Sask Environment in that area, and he gave me the phone number of the land owner.  I gave him a call – he invited me out to his home, gave me directions to his house, said he’d show me the easy way in.

I went the next day.  I found his house.  Skulls of all kinds of animals decorated the yard. My kind of guy! I opened the closed gate that his old dog easily walked through to meet me and knocked on the door.  No one was home.  I’m not sure what that gate was meant to keep in… or out… as the dog came back in quite easily.

I stuck around for a while, and realized no one was coming home.

Mystery Rocks Cypress Hills Saskatchewan

On my way out I met a neighbor, whose family had lived there since 1899.  He knew where the mystery rocks were located, but he did not feel right sending me to them.

He told me of a short cut to get to another area I remembered via public roads.  I drove for 20 minutes when I had a feeling come over me.  I stopped the truck and scanned the hills.

There they are!!  The mystery rocks!!

Mystery Rocks Cypress Hills Saskatchewan

I flew my drone over that way.

These are the pics I took.

You decide.  Naturally occurring geological formation?  Man Made? Aliens? Or something else.

I started to take some pictures of the rocks and the full battery in the drone drained almost to zero.  I assumed this was a mistake, but the drone started to fly back to me, as it should if it is actually getting low on power.  I landed it, the battery was in fact drained.

Mystery Rocks Cypress Hills Saskatchewan

Update Sept 22 2018!! I went back to the rocks 2 years later.
This time I took video! Click here to view.




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