Professional aerial yard photography for real estate.


Aerial drone photography is revolutionizing the real estate industry. Acreages, ranches, farms,  land and cabins are sold faster with aerial photos!

My name is Ryan Wunsch, I am a photographer based in Leader Saskatchewan and I’ve been doing professional aerial photography for 2 years.

Some recent drone photos below


$250 per location (plus mileage when applicable) – quantity discounts available

Mileage rate from Leader

For example

1.) 4 yards photographed near Kindersley in 1 trip = $775 + $36 mileage = $811 =  $202.75 / yard

2.) 2 yards photographed near Swift Current in 1 trip = $450 + $102 mileage = $552 = $276 / yard

What is included

Within 48 hours of the shoot I will email you a minimum of 15 jpg files (per yard) that are sized and formatted for websites and facebook.

The full size files are also included and available by email or usb drive shipped via Canada post.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me by email

More examples

Contact me

Feel free to contact me by email or text / call 306-628-7922

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