Ryan Wunsch : Storm Chaser

I am a Photographer and Stormchaser based out of Leader Saskatchewan. I primarily chase storms in Saskatchewan and Alberta, but also head down to Tornado Alley each year. 

I currently use a 2007 Chevy Tahoe that has been modified for storm chasing, called “Rolling Thunder”. 

It is getting ready to replace, I put 18,000 kms from the 2016 storm chasing season alone.

It has done me very well, but I have plans on building something more practical and protected… 

Rolling Thunder always gets a lot of attention wherever I go.    

 I am modifying a 2014 Chev Silverado LTZ and will call it


I will be installing a roof rack, weather instruments, wheel flares and a bull bar or winch bumper with LED lighting at my own cost.  

I want to give it a protective coating to withstand large hail and debris from tornadic storms.

Like this hail I found 2 years ago In Saskatchewan.

This fell on the same day last year in Saskatchewan

This is my “Hail Size kit”

 I often find myself parked beside my friend Sean in the Dominator 3

I would be interested in a sponsorship to have ThunderTRuck fully coated.  

This is what I would bring to the relationship with you and your brand. 

Social Media Influencer – the future of marketing and advertising 

I am active on social media and have a large, active and engaged following on the most popular networks.

  • Over 23,000 Instagram followers with  34,000 impressions this week  
  •  Ryan Wunsch Photography –  17,500 page likes and growing very quickly with a reach of 346,000 in the last 28 days.
  • I am an administrator of the Meanwhile in Saskatchewan facebook page and an active content contributor. The page has 85,000 likes with an average reach of 30,000 – 50,000 per post.  I have had individual photos of mine reach over  2.5 million people and be shared more than 25,000 times from that page alone. I will be live streaming Saskatchewan storms on that page each summer.  Last years test run saw  5000 viewers for a 5 minute stream of a marginal storm with no tornado threat.
  • I maintain an active blog on ryanwunsch.com  primarily about my storm chasing – in 2016 the blog had 48,000 unique visitors on one post alone.  87% of the views to the blog came from Canada, 44% from Alberta and Saskatchewan.
  • I am on Twitter – 4200 followers with a reach of 20,000 impressions this week
  • I am on Viewbug – 9900 followers
  • My personal facebook page has over 2000 friends and followers
  • in 2017 I had photos appear (they will be forever there) on the Atlantic and National Geographic (editors favorite)
  • I won the annual Canadian Geographic Photo contest in the Wild Weather category with a storm photo
  • I am one of 6 storm chasers involved with the “Turbulant Skies” project in Edmonton, an art/photography project that is sure to get a lot of media attention this fall. We will be showing off our storm trucks.
  • I attend the Canadian Chaser Conventions and display my storm truck, where it is seen by many other chasers, the media and the public
  • 2018 sees me involved in a very interesting project that would lead to a lot of exposure.  I am not able to elaborate further, but it is worth noting.

Your logo could be on the back window of the storm truck.  2017 saw 35,000 kms on the road, 9 provinces, 15 states and too many gas stations to count, it would be seen!

Your logo could be in my social media cover photos.

“Sponsored By….” could appear in the videos and as text in my photo posts

I could link to your webpage and social media in my social media posts and profiles.   

 Sometimes we need to drive into the hail to avoid something worse. That is the main reason for building a hail proof vehicle, for safety, not to be reckless.

I currently have no other sponsors.

ryanwunsch@gmail.com   306-628-7922




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