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So far this trip has been really good.  We have traveled through North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.  The people are so friendly!!  Saskatchewan, where I am from, is known for its friendly people, so I know friendly people.

The next 3 days are looking pretty good for storms.  We will live stream if and when they go Tornado Warned at youtube and be posting live updates from under the storm at twitter

Kyle has also blogged about the trip, more info about our route and the forecasting at  here and here

We knew we wanted to end up here, in Cheyenne Wyoming for Friday evening which we did.  That gave us a lot of time to do some touristy things along the way.  Which we also did.

The first stop was Devil’s tower.  The drive from Belle Forche to Devils Tower is the prettiest drive I have ever taken. And then you see it.  It is much larger than I had imagined it was.  My photo of it does not really do it justice. None of the photos I’ve seen of it have.  It is nearly 900 feet from the base to the top, the top if the size of a football field.  Chipmunks, mice, and snakes have been found at the top.  I can’t imagine how they get up there. (Kyle wanted to climb it)  It is easy to see and feel why Devil’s Tower has been a sacred place to the First Nations people.

devils tower

We then went to Mount Rushmore.  I wanted to visit it before Trump puts his face on the mountain.  I took a lot of shots of it, i just did a quick laptop edit for now. (Kyle wanted to climb it)

Mount Rushmore sunset


Friday morning we stopped at Reptile Gardens in South Dakota.  I’ve wanted to see this place for many years, and it did not disappoint.  On the way out we visited with a nice lady who buys artifacts from Papua New Guinea, saving the artifacts and then selling them to collectors.  I’ve always wanted a carved crocodile head canoe prow… and now I own one! This is not it, but one of the crocodiles on display.

Reptile Gardens


We then spotted this along the drive.  Kyle climbed it (that is him on top)

kyle the climber


We knew there was a chance of small storms near Cheyenne, and planned to shoot some lightning in the evening.  The storm was better than we expected, and we got to test out my hail guard getting to the south of it (which worked well). We stopped for a few shots of it by Slater Wyoming (North of Chugwater)

slater north of chugwater2

After sunset we went to the edge of Cheyenne to do some lightning photography.  We didn’t get many shots in before the rain started to fall and we retreated to the relative safety of the truck. This is one of the shots I got.

Cheyanne lightning







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