Rolling Thunder is for Sale


2007 Chevy Tahoe LTZ 4×4  – 330,000 km

It has been a very good storm chasing truck to me, and has many more miles left to travel.  

The storm gear is easily removed and the vehicle would make a good daily driver, utility vehicle, etc.    


The Good Stuff

  • 4×4 LTZ model, leather seats, every option as of 2007
  • Hail guard for the windshield (Deployable / Retractable)
  • Power Inverter
  • Android radio installed 2017, Radarscope, GPS, internet radio, you name it
  • Live streaming camera with capture card
  • CB Radio with P.A loudspeaker
  • HAM Radio
  • Weather Station (with spare cups)
  • Stand alone anemometer (with spare cups)
  • Removable Laptop mount (RAM)
  • Dixie Horn
  • Auxillary LED lights
  • 3 way Hazard lights
  • Replaced Transmission and Transfer case in 2016
  • Hail Dents already installed!

The Not so Good Stuff

  • Hail Dents already installed!!
  • It will need new tires before another long trip
  • Eroded spot in plastic on back bumper (cosmetic)







Email me at  for questions or to arrange a test drive.  

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