Spring is now here, the vegetation is getting green and the temperature is rising.  For many photographers this is the start of their year.  I used to patiently wait for spring, rarely taking photos in the winter.  In 2013, we had a very nice year and I brought my camera along out deer hunting.  I did more photography than hunting, and actually haven’t hunted since. I started to realize what I had been missing out on all those years.  In the peak of winter, the “Golden Hour” that photographers love lasts pretty much all day in Saskatchewan Canada.  The sun stays low, soft, golden and beautiful.  I won my first “Canadian Geographic Photo of the Week” with this shot which shows just that. 1 Wunsches House (1) Now, back to one of my first photos taken in the snow.  Deep snow, right up to my… uh… waist.  It was cold, so cold, but I was so busy composing shots and seeing new shadows and light, that I really didn’t notice.  Not noticing the cold is a trend that has continued.  Many of my favorite shots were taken on the coldest days of the year. 2 Snowy-Case I got frost bite on my ears for this next one.  For some reason I wanted to see where the sun set that time of year, I had a feeling it should be somewhere near the end of those tracks.  It was -30 with a wind (which makes it feel colder).  I stood there without gloves, hat, ear protection, or a coat that zipped up.  In my runners.  I did go back to the truck a few times to warm up, but when the sun started getting close to the tracks I just kept snapping. 3 Sunset Tracks I also do not dress properly in the winter, and have a reputation for that (from my friends, and other photographers) – I actually think it brings me good luck.  They say you have to suffer for your art lol.  A friend texted me to tell me the sunrise had potential.  This last winter was a cloudy one and so many of my pictures lacked any kind of sun.  I looked out the window, grabbed my jacket that doesn’t zip up, threw on some old shoes (to hell with socks) and stood in the snow waiting for mother nature to do its thing.  Walk towards the light Ryan Wunsch




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