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Do you want to learn to take better photos that will make you say “I took that!”?

Cost for 2 days is $250

Did you buy a DSLR camera and are now overwhelmed by all of the buttons and features? (you only need a few of them)

Are you frustrated that your camera does not focus where you want, and leaves you with improperly exposed photos?

Are you looking to take your DSLR camera out of auto mode and control your results?

This workshop will explain the technical aspects of your camera in an easy to understand method. ISO, Aperture, Shutterspeed, RAW files, Dynamic Range and similar topics will be explained and make sense.

Other topics such as composition, taking photos that have impact, lighting techniques, creativity, equipment worth having, gadgets that are a waste of money as well as digital photo editing will also be covered.

Your landscapes, vacation photos, wildlife, still life, portraits, pictures of your family and even selfies will be much improved after taking this 2 day workshop. The workshop is a mix of classroom and practical hands on learning with 1 on 1 time available throughout the 2 days.

This course is beneficial to all skill levels. If you have just bought a camera and don’t know how to turn it on, this class is for you. If you have been shooting for a few years but want to learn how to achieve that extra wow factor, this class is for you. If you are an accomplished photographer and just want to get excited about photography again, this class is for you.

If you are an award winning National Geographic Photographer… well you should probably stay home… or better yet go take some amazing pictures that weekend!

Participants must bring a DSLR camera. If you have the user manual, bring that along as well. You may bring things like a tripod and a flash if you have them, but they are not necessary.

Participants are encouraged to bring some photos on a thumb drive. They can be the photos you are most proud of, or better yet… ones that didn’t turn out how you want, and you’d like to know why. In past classes this has proven to be very beneficial for the group.


Cost for 2 days is $250

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the workshop, or upcoming workshops.


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