Mystery Rocks of Saskatchewan

So yes, I went back.  And yes – my drone batteries drained again!  More on that later… to read part 1 click here

In the weeks after I had posted the original blog it went a bit viral, hit the front page of reddit and the page received 50,000 unique readers.  To put that into perspective that is 4x more people than had visited any page of my website ever before – combined!  It continues to receive about 2000 unique hits each month even 2 years later.

In the year that followed I received approximately 200 emails about the Mystery Rocks.  Some people wanted to share their theories.  Some people wanted to ask questions.  Some people had their own stories to share about the rocks.  A few of the names were even recognizable to me. A very interesting experience all around!

Even my old boyscout leader Jeff from 22 years previous from part 1 emailed me! I reconnected with a few of the kids I had first visited those rocks with so many years ago at Wilderness Rendezvous.  Social media really makes the world very small.

A lady from England who was involved in a Stonehenge research group wanted to fly over here to see the rocks with her 2 cats.  She said her cats had psychic abilities.  She went on to explain that she was not psychic herself, but was able to communicate with her cats telepathically and they could tell her what they were seeing – together the group of us could figure out the mystery of the rocks once and for all….

Dr. Gaylord Wardell made this comment about the blog post The Cypress Hills megaliths are mentioned on NEWEARTH and and one hypothesis is they are a remnant of an ancient civilization that existed prior to the world wide cataclysm 12000 years ago referred to biblically as the great flood and in many other ancient documents. It is accepted that the Cypress Hills escaped the brunt of that catastrophe because of altitude and location. The stones resemble the polygonal structures found in Ollantaytambo, Egypt, Japan and Macchu Picchu. The construction of these polygonal structures is a technology not understood.”

Some geologists had boring theories and facts with science to back them up about sandstone and glaciers and erosion and naturally occurring cracks in the giant sandstone slabs from that erosion – but those aren’t as much fun as all the others.

Back to the Rocks…

I picked a day that was not windy in case some wind currents in the hills had been responsible for my rapidly draining drone battery 2 years ago.  I arrived with fully charged batteries, 22 minutes flying time.  The same batteries that have worked flawlessly since that first trip to the Mystery Rocks.

My plan was to get some close up photos, some really cool videos, a few angles I had missed the last time.

I flew over to the rocks. It was a very nice and calm day for flying and I could tell there was not much for winds to fight.

I got to the rocks and the drone became very hard to handle.  It was as if the drone was a bothersome fly and a man was swatting at it. Or like 2 magnets fighting each other the closer they get to one another.

I started to video in 4K and was going to try to get some nice smooth video.  You can see below that did not happen!

Any time I tried pointing the camera to the rocks the drone would shift off course.  You can actually see part of the drone in the footage.

And then the battery warning started to ring!  It was indicating that I was now going to come up short by 4 minutes of battery life if I started flying straight back to me right now. Uh oh….

So that is what I did! As I was leaving the rocks the battery started to build back up, became easier to fly and I flew it back to myself with a few minutes to spare, landing it safely.

I don’t plan to return to the Mystery Rocks with my drone.  I have no idea why the battery seems to drain there, why the drone was hard to fly – but I’ve been lucky to get my drone back twice, I am not going to push my luck a third time and risk losing an expensive piece of equipment.

The rocks remain a mystery to me…

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